Boris – the Bear in a sweater

Boris – the Bear in a sweater” is a logical puzzle that helps to improve perceptiveness and concentration. It helps children to develop the ability to memorize and recreate a pattern, differentiate between sizes and finding matching elements. The game stimulates imagination and has a positive effect on the motor skills of the hand. It helps learning colors and introduces some basic concepts in geometry like a mirror reflection, a circle and symmetry.

“Boris – the Bear in a sweater” is an excellent training of visual-motor coordination and a memory exercise. This educational tool is versatile and can be used for many purposes. In the most basic variant of the game, the players have to use the wooden discs to recreate the pattern on the bear’s sweater from the picture cards.

The game can be played as a memory exercise. After memorizing the pattern on a picture card, the child may try to recreate it from the memory. Some of the cards contain a pattern to which a mirror image must be single-handedly discovered by a child. The set includes also so called “blank cards” that can be filled with the patterns designed by the players.

The set consists of :

- a wooden teddy bear with 12 holes

- 72 wooden discs of various sizes

- a deck of picture cards with various patterns

- a packaging bag made of cotton