BUU is a project initiated because of the passion for toys shared by its creators. Using our extensive experience, we create, design and produce games and toys that are designed to not only entertain, but above all, teach. Our motto is to use only natural and ecological materials for production: wood and paper. We use only Polish raw materials and carefully select our suppliers. We make sure that our products are completely safe and child-friendly. Each semi-finished product meets strict standards, because we are focused on quality and precision. The educational values ​​are the most important for us. We analyze each element so as to take full advantage of its properties and thus facilitate the child's cognitive development. The games and toys that we create are of universal nature as they can be used as an excellent training in logical thinking for adults, but also as a great source of educational, relaxing or calming entertainment for children. The possibilities of using our products are not limited to the applications listed in the instruction. We encourage everyone to develop their own methods of working with our games or toys. The product is just a starting point for infinitely many games and exercises.