Gaby the Sheep was in such a hurry to get to the pasture that she forgot to comb her hair before leaving! Help Gaby with her woolen hair before it gets tangled!
GABY THE SHEEP is an educational toy that stimulates and enhances the development of manual skills (small motor skills). It is beneficial for both: imagination and manual dexterity. It requires patience, focus and perceptiveness. The toy supports the process of logical thinking and eye-hand coordination.
Playing with GABY THE SHEEP may help to introduce younger children to lacing. The set contains a wooden figure of GABY THE SHEEP (with 22 holes in it), 2 strings ending with loops (white and black) and cards with tasks (containing mathematical equations, words, classic interleaving designs). The set contains also a blank card that can be duplicated and used
according to the needs). Using Gaby the Sheep can make daily, routine exercises more enjoyable.