Mega Puzzle

Mega Puzzle is an excellent educational aid to help your child develop on many levels. It allows the child to learn to distinguish colours and shapes, and to practice visual-motor coordination. In the more difficult version, it can be used for practicing logical thinking and concentration. It is also a foundation for developing the imagination, allowing the child to create their own models.

The boards contain patterns of various difficulty and subjects. The child’s task is to recreate a puzzle according to hints in different versions: easy – taking into account division into element shapes and colours, medium – using only the block contours, and hard - fitting in the polygons on the basis of the “shadow” of the final image.  The package includes boards with general development models, it can be expanded with additional sets: numbers, the alphabet, and others (in progress). Activities can take on an unlimited number of forms: recreating models, matching missing pieces, creating your own motifs, and many more.

- 70 colourful polygons: 10 hexagons, 5 rectangles, 10 squares, 15 trapezoids, 15 rhomboids, 15 triangles
- 30 double-sided boards with templates for assembly