“Shadows” helps to train hand-eye coordination and teaches logical thinking. The clear and simple construction of the task allows the child to self-control and eliminate possible errors, as well as enables focus training...

Mega Puzzle is an excellent educational aid to help your child develop on many levels. It allows the child to learn to distinguish colours and shapes, and to practice visual-motor coordination. In the more difficult version, it can be used for practicing logical thinking and concentration. It is also a foundation for developing the imagination, allowing the child to create their own models...

Educational Octopus is an educational aid suitable for children above the age of three. While playing with the Octopus the level of difficulty may be changed what makes the toy usable for a long time. 

The game “Quadrados” was created based on the motifs of the classic Domino game. The game may serve as an active way of spending free time for both children and adults. It provides an excellent opportunity to train logical and strategic thinking. The Quadrados teaches patience and precision needed to make a right move, but, above all, this unique parlour game is a great tool to help players develop their social skills. The rules are very simple and easy to learn...

Mathematical Box  is an educational tool created to help learning mathematics. It inscribes into the spirit of Maria Montessori's pedagogy.

Boris – the Bear in a sweater” is a logical puzzle that helps to improve perceptiveness and concentration. It helps children to develop the ability to memorize and recreate a pattern, differentiate between sizes and finding matching elements. The game stimulates imagination and has a positive effect on the motor skills of the hand. It helps learning colors and introduces some basic concepts in geometry like a mirror reflection, a circle and symmetry

WHAT AN EGG! (EGG-TASTIC!) is a skill game that may serve as an excellent educational tool for practicing visual and motor coordination as well as logical thinking. It requires from the players the ability to tactically plan their movements and has a positive effect on improving concentration. 

Gaby the Sheep was in such a hurry to get to the pasture that she forgot to comb her hair before leaving! Help Gaby with her woolen hair before it gets tangled!

COUNTING STICKS  is an educational toy that can be used in many different
ways. The set contains 28 sticks, 56 colored beads and  cards with patterns. The basic variant of the game requires players to recreate the patterns from a randomly selected card. Players recreate the pattern by calculating the right number of sticks and beads, selecting the elements in the right color and combining them in the correct configuration. The game may serve as an excellent opportunity to teach younger children how to count using real objects. 


Triangles and Squares  is a geometric puzzle inspired by traditional Chinese tangram, the puzzle which has been known for about 3,000 years!

The Mathematical Board is a product designed to help children learn multiplication and division – two basic mathematical operations – and it is used to work according to the Montessori Method.


Use the flashlight and see the starry sky wherever you are! Constellations is an educational aid created for astronomy lovers. The set contains cards with the most famous constellations, all zodiac constellations and tablets showing the solar eclipse and moon phases.