The game “Quadrados” was created based on the motifs of the classic Domino game. The game may serve as an active way of spending free time for both children and adults. It provides an excellent opportunity to train logical and strategic thinking. The Quadrados teaches patience and precision needed to make a right move, but, above all, this unique parlour game is a great tool to help players develop their social skills. The rules are very simple and easy to learn. The game can be used to create jigsaw puzzles in order to train the left hemisphere of the brain which is responsible for tasks such as logical and analytical thinking, attention to details and mathematical calculations.

The set contains:

48 wooden blocks (4x4 cm)
-  - a packaging bag made of cotton (16x 22 cm)


quadrados_domino_układanka lewopółkulowa.pdf
quadrados_układanka lewopółkulowa_domino.pdf