What will you find in the box?
The set contains:
- 7 coloured blocks in various shapes
- 24 double-sided boards with templates
- booklet with 21 3D templates and instructions

Why is it worth it?
 “Shadows” helps to train hand-eye coordination and teaches logical thinking. The clear and simple construction of the task allows the child to self-control and eliminate possible errors, as well as enables focus training.

How to use it?
The child’s task is to reproduce the model from the board (2D) or booklet (3D), using all the blocks in each case. Boards 1-10 contain hints, showing the placement of several elements of the model. Additionally, the 2D templates are made in 1:1 scale, which allows the child to place the elements directly on the board. At a later stage, the child can create and memorize their own models.

3D models placed in the target booklet show a view of the element (from the front) and hints in the form of rear, side and bottom projections (representing the shadows cast by the entire structure). The instructions contain answers in the form of miniature drawings of the ready model, facilitating the assembly and verification of 2D models.