Triangles and Squares is a geometric puzzle inspired by traditional Chinese tangram, the puzzle which has been known for about 3,000 years!

The set contains a booklet with patterns to recreate as well as 18 elements: 6 yellow squares and 12 black triangles. The objective of the puzzle is to recreate the selected pattern/shape from the booklet.

The puzzle develops spatial imagination and creativity. Playing with Triangles and Squares can be an interesting way of teaching how to distinguish and construct geometric figures. It is an excellent training in logical and analytical thinking. Doing the puzzle will boost the ability to focus on task, improve manual skills and will have a positive effect on the ability to perform visual analysis and synthesis. It can also be used to practice eye-hand coordination.

The basic variant of the game is supposed to serve as a mere inspiration and encouragement to create your own patterns. One can also use the puzzles as an educational aid during classes devoted to geometric figures.