WHAT AN EGG! (EGG-TASTIC!) is a skill game that may serve as an excellent educational tool for practicing visual and motor coordination as well as logical thinking. It requires from the players the ability to tactically plan their movements and has a positive effect on improving concentration. The game can be used to develop the mobility of the hand. WHAT AN EGG! has transparent rules, thanks to which the game is a source of valuable entertainment. The game serves as stimulating exercise for the left hemisphere. In the basic variant, the game is intended for two people. Additional egg packs, thanks to which more players can join the game, are also available in our offer.

The game consists of:

- 12 wooden eggs in three colours

- 12 wooden stands in the form of rings;

- a deck of 40 cards with patterns

- a brochure with instructions and inspirations

- a paper box

WHAT AN EGG! - an additional set is used modify the game to include more players. One set equals one extra player.

The set contains:

- 6 wooden eggs in three colours

- 6 wooden stands in the form of rings

- a paper box